Let’s Talk About Sex…

When entering new relationships, we’re taught that we’re supposed to wait to have sex. Essentially, we are supposed to get to know the person, make a strong emotional connection, and then uncover what the big “mystery” of sex is like.

When people rush into sex, It is often assumed that’s all they care about.

But why?

Think about it… many relationships involve people waiting weeks, months, or even years to roll around in the haystacks. Sex becomes the final destination for the couple—the climax, if you will. Thus, everything in the relationship ultimately leads up to sex. HUH…

That sounds like a sex crazed way of looking at things to me.

Now, take another couple who doesn’t waste any time to play a gleeful game of shiver me timbers. They have sex and get it out of the way. What does this do? It allows them to focus on their emotional and personal connection. The relationship isn’t about “building up to sex.” Sex is used as a means to show affection and build an emotional connection—not the other way around.

So, the next time someone tells you they are waiting…

Remember, they are a whore.

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