Nights to Remember in 2011 #1

So, technically these events took over in a span of 2 nights, but none-the-less they are worth noting and it just seems silly (there’s that word again) to create two separate posts.

I’m kind of a fan of music, so the first rock band night of 2011 definitely deserves a spot in the nights to remember series, especially when it involves some of my favorite people over in Manhattan, Kansas. The night started out with the initiation of Sully (you had to be there). What else could be better than live music? On a night like this, nothing gentle readers, I say not a damn thing. The sound quality on this really doesn’t do this justice.

The snow came down and continued all throughout the following day. SNOW DAY! Some of the most memorable moments below:
  • “Hey, all the letters in Akron are also in Kangaroo!” -KM
  • “That is an abuse of prayer! You’re tying up God’s bandwidth.” -SN
  • “I am drooling and squealing everywhere!” -ZS
  • During Jimmy Johns Order: “Alright, this is going to be a tricky number, it’s a 307 area code”
    After: “She was clearly not amused, I could sense her rolling her eyes at me during that whole conversation.” -ZS
  • “Yup, I just ate that cinnamon twist out of the trash can.” -JM
I REALLY love Jimmy Johns. 

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