Kitty from Alaska is LOST

It’s a sunday, and I’ve been gaming, writing, lesson planning, and getting some laundry done. I kind of love Sundays because I can relax and be productive all in the same day. I didn’t see the sense in making three separate posts. So, gentle readers, here are three things I felt like sharing with you on this fine Sunday afternoon. May one of these brighten your day and make you smile. 

(#1) Die Kitty Die
The banes of my existence, my roommate’s cats, pretty much live to torment me. I have developed some strong allergies due to their long hair that gets EVERYWHERE! It’s gotten so bad my doctor prescribed me allergy meds and an inhaler until I can move out. Plus, these cats are EVIL! For example, one likes to run at my door at full speed and use herself as a battering ram…I often jolt up in the middle of the night awoken by a loud THUD! followed by a low grumbling mrrrearrw. She also has a tendency to run out in front of you and instantly stop in your path, roll over, and pull the I’m so cute and adorable pet me now look—tripping me in the process. Her favorite spot is the stairs and yes, I have toppled down them.

I call this cat the dumb one.
The other is the one you have to watch out for. Initially, I thought her to be mild mannered. She would always be laying in her one spot in the kitty bed at the top of the stairs. The only time I would see her out of that spot was when she had to do her business at the litter box or when she was eating or drinking. During the holidays, I assumed the dumb one was wreaking havoc on the tree. Then one foggy evening (I doubt it was actually foggy that night, it just seemed like it should be), I came home and caught the “innocent” one in the act through the sliding glass door wreaking havoc on the tree and getting all her fur all over my gaming chair. The moment she heard my key in the door, she jumped with panic and scurried to her spot. The little shit was actually pretending to sleep!
This one is now referred to as the bad seed.
I’ll be moving out into my own place in the next month or two as soon as this guy who knows a guy calls me about some vacancies. Despite their nuisance and my verbal abuse toward them (I often tell them nobody loves them or threaten to stir fry them hoping it would convince them to not cuddle with me or my things-allergies), I am probably gonna miss the little buggars.
(#2) She Can See Her House From Alaska…
Thought this clip was pretty funny and considering all the intensity of Palin in the news recently, I thought this would be a nice change of pace toward the lighter side.
(#3) Their love is strong and true! STRONG AND TRUE!
I got the last season for Christmas, so I’ve been re-watching it. I am about to re-live the worst moment in the series for me. All that anticipation of Sun and Jin being re-uinited after being separated for two seasons only to…I’m getting choked up just thinking about it.


  1. Francine De la Mota · June 20, 2011

    Lol… hope you are out of that situation… I'm terrified of cats and I can't imagine living like that. Did make for some good reading though…


  2. Underground Dude · January 27, 2011

    @ladydayton le sigh indeed.


  3. ladydayton · January 27, 2011

    My cat Josephine (sounds sweet and dainty, right? ppfff.) Is both the dumb one AND the bad seed all rolled into one. And no matter if you hose them down with water or threaten to stir-fry them, they will still thud their head on your door at 3 am, trip you in the hall and stairs, leave their lovely fur in your gaming chair and rip everything off the trees… sigh.


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