Snapshot Sunday – A Day for Mothers

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!


  1. Underground Dude · May 10, 2011

    @Carole, they do tend to brighten up the day a little

    @Yvonne, no worries, they weren't in full bloom when the photo was taken, and I would have easily overlooked the labels as well.


  2. Yvonne · May 9, 2011

    lol, i just noticed you had the name on your labels. color me clueless.


  3. Carole · May 9, 2011

    Thanks for the photo. The brightness of the blue iris is much appreciated this morning as it is a cloudy and grey Monday here. I had a great Mother's Day with my girls, hubby, and way too many dogs!


  4. Underground Dude · May 8, 2011

    @Yvonne, Iris.


  5. Yvonne · May 8, 2011

    What type of flower is that? It's beautiful! I love the colors!


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