Beware of the green-eyed monster.

This post is brought to you by a prompt presented to me on Facebook: “Penny for your thoughts: Jealousy, GO!

It has its ups and downs. On one hand, Jealousy of someone’s achievements may make us strive for our very own and to become that much better at what we do. In turn, this allows us to excel. Coming from a guy who spent his college weekends competing for speech trophies and medals, a little healthy competition (I stress the word healthy), where there is only one first place trophy rather than trophies for all, never hurts. It makes us work harder.

On the other hand, jealousy (especially the possessive variety) can bring out the douche in us when it’s not kept in check. We’ve seen the ramifications of jealousy unleashed since the beginningCain and Abel. And remember that one time; thanks to a little birdie by the name of Iago, Desdemona met her demise by the hands of her true love…very sad. 

So, as long as you keep the green-eyed monster at bay—I say a titch of envy goes a long way.

Photo: Johann Wolf/UPN
© 2005 CBS Broadcasting Inc.

One comment

  1. Haven · May 26, 2011

    Everything in moderation. Though maybe a little less of some th ings. And a little more of others 😉


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