Thursday is tracks night-Love You All

I’ve been listening to a lot of Cloud Cult this week; not intentionally, but delightful none-the-less. It keeps popping up on my Pandora and seems to be a favorite mp3 hit for shuffle mode in my car. There are so many good tracks to choose from, but considering Mother’s day just passed and Father’s day is around the corner; I thought this song would be appropriate. My family life has been complicated to say the least throughout past years, but this year has been awesome for moving forward and reconnectingfor understanding.

If you are unfamiliar with Cloud Cult, please do check out some other tracks. They have a very unique sound and offer a wide variety of song stylings. For now, enjoy this sweet little tune; it’s simplistic, but beautiful and really espouses a life philosophy I firmly believe in.

One comment

  1. Carole · May 26, 2011

    Multi-talented group! Thanks for the introduction.


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