Thursday is Tracks Night-Underground Sampler

Hello gentle readers and Happy Thursday! This week’s tracks post is going to be a little bit of a different format than it has been in the past. I enjoy lists, they help keep me productive and on task. Lists are also super informative and help give me ideas. It is my hope that the list I provide you in today’s post will inform you of some bands or music stylings you may not have been aware of. May this list also give you ideas on what to download to your next playlist or perhaps purchase at your next visit to the record store. While some lists are ranked, this list is in no particular order. I am far too finicky to establish a set rank or choose only ten favorites. But instead, I give you ten albums that have been popping up on my playlists time and time again this past year along with some more recent summer additions. Each item on the list is provided with a link, so that you may sample the album, Enjoy!


  1. Underground Dude · June 4, 2011

    BTW, if you have yet to experience the music of Jay Brannan, I highly suggest checking him out. Such a talented singer and musician!


  2. Underground Dude · June 2, 2011

    Kings of Leon has been one of my favorites since Velvet Snow.

    @Ally, the new Death Cab album is a must have. So good! Love Peter Bjorn as well, good choice. I will have to check out Fleet Foxes.

    @Cinderita Adele-21 is a great album to listen after a long day with a bottle of beer/glass of wine, your choice, and just unwind 🙂


  3. Lemons Don't Make Lemonade · June 2, 2011

    King of leon = WIN.


  4. Cinderita · June 2, 2011

    I came by earlier to comment and blogger wouldn't let me! darnit! Adele – 21 is the album I can't get enough of right now! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    And I too love the Kings of Leon!


  5. Ally · June 2, 2011

    i love death cab and can't wait to hook up with their new album. i also need new fleet foxes and peter bjorn and john. okay, gonna go check out your links.


  6. Yvonne · June 2, 2011

    LOVE Kings of Leon!


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