Tidbits from the Underground

Summer is  here and there have been a couple of events, to remind me that it’s not only here, but it has officially begun. 
Tidbit #1: So, You Think You Can Dance!
I have missed Cat Deeley so, and I am grateful I have the option of being able to view this online on nights that I miss it. Some would argue the audition episodes can be some of the most entertaining due to the drama, the emotion, and…the anomalies. I know it’s supposed to be entertaining, but I just find the fact that some of the “failed” auditions are pushed though just plain awkward to watch. 



Tidbit #2: Fridays on the Plaza
The local newspaper here sponsors this event which includes free outdoor concerts on Fridays throughout the Summer. The kick-off for FOP was this last Friday, and it was a pretty good time. Tomorrow’s post will feature a little more on this. Summer has officially begun and the villagers are rejoicing!

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