First Class Comes With a Little Redemption

As some of you may remember from my last X-Men rant, I was more than reluctant to watch the latest installment in the Hollywood version of the mutant team. After the travesty of the third X-Men, Wolverine Origins came along, and I was also a little gun-shy about Hollywood destroying yet another beloved character (RIP Phoenix), but let’s face it; watching Hugh Jackman’s interpretation of Logan is both enjoyable and dreamy. Sure Sabretooth was never really established as Wolverine’s bro, but they weren’t bros for realsies. One comic establishes Wolvie’s arch nemesis as his father. “Logan, I am your faaaaaasha!”

I don’t necessarily mind when a film takes certain liberties, shift happens. As we all know, there are splinters in the comic verse, but it’s when the very core of what makes a comic book character really interesting and legen——-dairy is completely altered that results in the most epic of fails. Phoenix explained as a split personality = epic fail. 

X-Men First Class, despite portraying Havok as a founding member of X-Men despite being the younger brother of Cyclops and later joining X-Men after his brother in the comic-verse; I digresswas pretty effing schweet! This latest mutant flick focuses on the bro-mance between a younger Professor X and Magneto.  They were in college and ya know, did some experimenting. The audience catches a deeper glimpse at the origin of their iconic chess games and banter depicted in the first two X-Men movies (notice how I only include the first two films). The story is told through this relationship as well as the relationship of some other mutant pairs.There are some playful cameos throughout, and the storytelling stays true to the nature of the characters introduced to many by the comic-verse, which makes it all worth it in the end.


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  1. DCHY · October 3, 2011

    That made me grin. I had a beef with First Class too…there were characters in there that were nowhere to be seen in any of the other three movies. Banshee? Hello?


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