Thursday is Tracks Night: I-Pod Shuffle

So, I took a pretty long hiatus from the bloggy blog. My last post got a little too serious, and I felt the need to step back a wee bit. It’s going to be hard not to engage in the political jabber jab with the elections coming up. I want to get back to the tongue-in-cheek and light-hearted posts of yesteryear.

So, naturally I thought, why not just start off with one of the staples. I had this little habit of posting a song on Thursdays. I thought this time around, I’ll post the song that randomly comes up on my I-Pod on my morning drive to work on Thursdays. This will be fun! This is a great way to kick-off the light-hearted posts that are sure to bring delight to your daily lives and maybe brighten your day. Remember folks, we can be rainbows and not pain-bows.

So, the song that comes up on my I-Pod this morning? DOH! I find it to be beautiful, but quite possibly one of the more controversial songs in my library. Baby steps…

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